Most definitely greatly exceeded the expectations

I was a borderline case with only -1.25 and -1.0 nearsightedness and no astigmatism.  However, Dr. Lukenda performed an extended set of tests and asked me to come on two more occasions for additional checkups, in order to ensure a minimal risk of the treatment.
In addition, his diagnosis was the same as the one provided to me at a leading ophthalmology institute at Stanford two years ago.  However, the level of care cannot be compared.  At the Stanford’s clinic I only briefly met the physician and spoke with a nurse that instructed me to watch a number of videos.

At Opto-Centar, on the other hand, Dr. Lukenda discussed my medical conditions and motivations for surgery at length before recommending to opt for PRK monovision treatment.  Moreover, the laser surgery was performed with the state of the art equipment from a leading supplier.

In other words, I was provided a top tier medical care and the physician actually recommended the lowest cost treatment available.
Not to forget, the surgery has been successful.  My recovery is ahead of schedule and there has been very little discomfort immediately after the surgery.  More importantly, my eyesight is already better than projected, and should continue to improve over the next few months.

Needless to say, I would most highly recommend Dr. Lukenda and Opto Centar and think that you don’t need to look any further to be able to look further (excuse the pun).